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Wednesday, 3 February 2016


          Each and everyone of us come into this world with our own set of unique traits. But most of us spend a large part of our lives suppressing our uniqueness and following stereotypes set by the society. By the time we realize our mistakes, we've already lived our lives as someone we are not,just to fit into society. We depend on stereotypes set by the world to tell us how we should look,talk or walk and the list is never ending. The uncanny part is that this behavior of faking someone else's traits has its own set of terms - "fashion","style","to look cool". 
          We are all beautiful in our own way and the sooner we realize this, the sooner we'll start living our own lives and not someone else's. A lily does not look like a rose, but, does it mean the former is not beautiful? No matter how much it tries to be a rose, its still a lily, and its still very beautiful. As the saying goes, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.
           We spend our time and energy trying to impress others by our masquerades. Let us ask ourselves these questions: Are we suppressing our uniqueness? Are we following someone else's set standards of beauty? Are we trying to not be ourselves just to fit in? If yes... are we really happy doing so? or are we faking happiness too? Remember...Fake something you are not and a lot of people will like you, be yourself and the right people will love you. By putting on such masks, we will only end up pushing away people who love us for who we really are.
            Tank and Boom are back this week to make us understand this and and that we always have a person who will help break free. They take a stroll through the streets of the city and come across something intriguing... 


          How many of us are like Tank and how many are like Boom?Think about it! 

Let's break free!

Art by Jessy S
Story by Daniel Vianney Arvind


  1. Keep up the good work guys :) !! All the best !!

  2. Good work both of u !!keep going:)

  3. Good work both of u !!keep going:)

  4. gud work guysss jazz nd daniel ..... :) keep it up (y)

  5. great job Jessy 😊 keep it up 😉

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